6 Activities For A Fun Spring Break

Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Spring Break

Are you getting ready for spring break? Sick and tired of people telling you what not to do? Bored of those ‘keep safe’ talks? Yeah, it’s good to know what to look out for and how to be safe. When I left for spring break, I asked myself “Who is going to tell me how to have more fun?” I want to give tips that will really help you enjoy your spring break, and not bore you with the usual clutter of ‘be safe’ messages.

1. Take part in contests

If you go to a popular spot, there will be contests going on all around you. If you are like me, you’ll love a challenge, limelight and lots of fun. I suggest that you take part in as many contests as you can. Wait! Watch out for those dodgy ones! Last thing you want is your pictures to come up on some nasty voyeur sites. Taking part in a well organized swimsuit contest is fine, but competing in a wet t-shirt contest which comes down to topless booty shaking is just not the right thing. So, be bold and be ready for an exciting challenge. You will love it. I have heaps of memories from all the super fun contests that I’ve participated in till now.

2. Take lots of pictures

Take more pictures! Take more pictures! Take more pictures! Umm, get my point yet? I’ve been to a few spring break vacations so far. Every time I regret only one thing – I wish I’d taken more pictures. The camera will capture all the happy times and even the not-so-happy ones the morning after.

3. Dive underwater

Tired of all the partying on the beach and in the water? Take it one level down – go underwater. Most popular destinations for spring break will have diving tours. I did one last time, it’s great! The best part is that you are with all your mates. Diving is much more fun that way.

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