5 Ways To Ask A Guy Out

 5 Ways To Ask A Guy Out

The world has progressed and it is no longer a problem for girls to ask a guy out. The problem is how to do it effectively, meaning getting the results you really want. So, let us take a look at some tips on how to ask a guy out.

1. Show you are available

First of all, you should make sure a guy knows you have an interest in him and you are available. Most guys would take more action, if they knew you would not say “no” to them. So, signal clearly that ‘no’ is not an option, if he were to come up and ask you out.

2. Give him hints that you want him

Stop being needy. Start getting ‘wanty’. If you show a guy you need him, he might or might not react the right way. But, if you show a guy you want him, there are good chances he would react to that. Of course, no need to show you are desperate after him. Just show him playfully that you sympathize with him, you like him, you want him, but you have other options too.

3. Take a step towards him

Take the first step. Yes, it might sound scary. But, that is only so if you feel humiliated by taking the first step or if you feel ashamed of your own feelings. If you like a guy, there is nothing wrong with it. Nothing to be ashamed of. It is natural for people to have feelings for other people.

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