50 Reasons Your Mom Is So Special

50 Reasons Your Mom Is So Special

Reason #1 – Whenever you are confused about taking a decision, your mom will tell you something insightful that will help.

Reason # 2 – Whenever you are betrayed, your mom’s shoulder will help you get over it.

Reasons #3 – No matter what time of the night it is, if you need, your mom will make you hot chocolate to make you feel better.

Reasons #4 – If you were ever stuck drawing a perfect scientific apparatus for school, you mom would rescue you by showing her artistic side.

Reason #5 – Even a last minute school project became a success because of your mom.

Reason #6 – When something bad happens to you, your mom’s hug is all you need to get comforted.

Reasons #7 – No matter how much her work life sucks, she will never take it out on you.

Reason # 8 – She has been kind to you and your friends even when you broke her favorite vase while playing.

Reason # 9 – She can come up with a perfect explanation as to why you were dumped by your mean boyfriend, and make you feel better.

Reason #10 – When you have no one to talk to, your mom will put away all her chores just to talk with you.

Reason #11 – Even when there was a financial crunch at home, your mom somehow managed to make dinner fun and delicious.

Reason #12 – When it is raining like crazy outside and you have gone to a friend’s place in your car, you mom will be ready with a towel to wipe you dry when you get back home!

Reason #13 – She threw a fabulous sweet sixteen party, even though you were a cranky, irresponsible and rude teenager.

Reason #14 – When you have taken a wrong turn or a bad decision, she will never tell you, “I told you so!”.

Reason #15 – Your mother will always be up for a pep talk, if and when you need it.

Reason #16 – No matter how sick she is, she will never let you make your own breakfast when you are sick yourself!

Reason #17 – Your mom will never tell you that you are fat.

Reason #18 – Your mom will offer to stay with you after you have delivered your baby.

Reason #19 – No matter how good you are at lying, your mom will always see through it.

Reason #20 – Your mom is the reason you are contemplating marriage and kids.

Reason #21 – She will be honest with you when a dress doesn’t look good on you.

Reason #22 – Your mom will make you feel better with just one hug.

Reason # 23 – By cooking your favorite dish for you, your mom will turn a boring dinner into an interesting one.

Reason #24 – She can wash your really dirty clothes and make them look brand new.

Reason #25 – When you are scared to sleep alone, your mom will accommodate you in her bed.

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