5 Worst Tourist Attractions Ever

5 Worst Tourist Attractions Ever

Are you one of those people who was on a vacation, a pretty expensive on at that and wondered what was all the fuss about? More than that have you wondered that it was just a criminal waste of your time, money and energy to have gone into all the trouble? It means you have been in one of those places that qualify as the worst tourist attractions ever. There is no shortage of such places. There are all over the world and each country has its own places. They are mostly popular because of the marketing gimmicks and have really nothing to offer you. Here are some of the worst tourist attractions ever.

1. Dunn’s River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

It is not doubt a pretty place and a great place to see a series of waterfalls. But the truth is that it is nothing spectacular. The guides are extremely aggressive, bugging you for tips, the place is unbearably crowded and it feels more like an imposed trek up the hill than an enjoyable climb to take in the sights. It is nothing more than a tourist trap and god help you if you were on one of those cruise shippers on a break.

2. Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong

You walk around and wonder what all the fuss is about. There are umpteen numbers of souvenir shops and a big statue of Bruce lee in the middle of the square and pretty much nothing else. You just come back wondering what all the mainland Chinese people see in this place that makes their cameras go flashing. A definite place to avoid.

3. Times Square, New York

All those fun images of the countdown every New Year and you must be thinking this would be the most happening place in New York. New York has a lot of great things to offer, but Times Square is just a sad letdown. Apart from the lights and a few interesting shops, there’s nothing else. It is difficult to even find a decent place to eat here.

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