5 Worst Holiday Drinks for the Season

5 Worst Holiday Drinks for the Season

It’s the season when we begin to lose control over what we eat and don’t really mind about what we put inside our bellies. The same goes for our drinks too. Too many parties and too many encounters with friends makes sure that you eat and drink a lot. Sometimes we tend to cut down on the food thinking about our calorie intake and opt for a drink instead. The drinks of the season too come calorie packed and we might be drinking and putting on weight when we think we are actually losing weight. Here are some of the worst alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks of the season.

1. Holiday specials in the café’s

There will be a long list of special drinks for the holiday in almost every coffee shop. These usually are a bomb when it comes to the amount of calories. Indulging in the festive spirit and having these everyday would just balloon you up with the amount of sugar, cream and chocolate.

2. Alternative drinks

If you choose not to go for alcoholic drinks or sugar free drinks, that can also be a problem as these drinks come packed with non-saturated fat and other addictive things that would just make you drink more than you normally would. The best would be to stick to your usual drinks and keep it to a minimum.

3. Beer

Beer flows freely in all the parties during the season. Since we do not really get drunk too soon with beer, we don’t really keep track of how much we are chugging down. Beer could be our worst foe during the holiday season.

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