5 Ways to Treat Sunburn

5 Ways to Treat Sunburn

The heat of the sun causes sunburns, which is a common phenomenon. Applying sun blocks, wearing caps, hats and scarfs helps to protect the skin only to a certain extent but not completely. There are many ways to treat the sunburn affected areas and get rid of the problem. Here are 5 ways to treat sunburn.

1. Have a relaxing bath

It is very important to keep a few things in mind while having a bath when you have sunburns. The temperature of the water shouldn’t be extremely hot or chilling; it should be just about lukewarm. Having a bath would help relieve the pain and irritation. Avoid having a shower, if incase the water gushes with force the blisters would burst. Avoid using body washes, soaps and oils while bathing, just use plain water. Don’t rub your body with the towel, just pat dry or let it air dry itself.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

It is very essential to keep yourself hydrated as dehydration would cause more thirst, dizziness, headaches and the likes. Drink ample amount of water, juices and liquids. Sunburns are dehydrating and hence it becomes essential to drink sufficient amount of water.

3. Look for instant relief

To reduce the inflammation, you need to first consume a pain reliever like aspirin that would help to give you instant relief. Use a cream or paste that would help reduce the inflammation and irritation. You could also make a paste yourself by crushing aspirin and adding a little water to it.

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