5 Ways To Stop Hating And Start Loving

5 Ways To Stop Hating And Start Loving

The ability to love is the core ability of human beings. Nothing else can affect your life as a whole more than the ability or disability to love. Your ability to love directly determines your quality of life and your physical and emotional as well as social well-being. Take a look at how you can learn to love, instead of hating.

1. Stop Judging

Our judgments may separate us from people in our lives. If you judge someone, it is very improbable that you will love that person. The same is true about judging ourselves. The Biblical commandment, not to judge, can have a great impact on your life and boost your ability to love.

2. Learn Forgiveness

The person most affected by your unforgiving attitude is YOU. Yes, you may hurt others, too. But, you suffer from it the most. It undermines your health and your social life. Learn to forgive yourself and others. Be willing to overlook their mistakes or take it easy when it comes to their faults.

3. Love Yourself

You cannot treat others better than you treat yourself. We do not talk here of being preoccupied only with yourself. But, go to your heart and examine the attitude you have towards your own self. Stop judging yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself for who you are. This would make it much easier to accept and love other people.

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