5 Ways To Spice Up A Boring Day With Your Partner Without Spending A Fortune

4. Go strawberry picking in an orchard

Go strawberry picking in an orchard

Photo Courtesy: bigbirdz

We think this is a great way to spend some quality and fun time with your partner. Just pay a small entry fee and fill your baskets with as many strawberries as you possibly can. Yep, don’t forget to pop in a few strawberries in your mouth whilst you’re picking. Not too fussy about being too romantic and cuddly with your partner? Then that works too. You could even ask some friends to join you in strawberry picking. The more, the merrier.

5. Propose in public again

Propose in public again

Photo Courtesy: urban_data

How lovely would it be if your partner went down on his knees once again to refresh your vows? We bet, you’d melt away to tears, right? Well, why not turn the tables on him and take him by surprise? A woman proposing to a man is way cooler and romantic than you think. How about calling your friends over for a dinner party and then choosing that perfect moment to propose once again?

As you can see, there are many ways to have a great time with your partner even if you’re on a budget. All you need to do is take some inspiration from our lovely ideas.

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