5 Ways to Set Goals And Achieve Them to Be Successful

5 Ways to Set Goals And Achieve Them to Be Successful

Do you want to learn a new language in the next 8 months? Do you want to set up your own business by next year? Do you want to save up enough money to take a vacation to the Caribbean next summer? If you want to know how you set practical goals for yourself and be successful by sticking to them, here’s a quick guide.

1. Make time bound goals

Just wanting to learn how to scuba dive doesn’t mean you’ve set a goal. It’s a nice goal, for sure, but when do you think you’re actually going to do it? After 10 years? That’s the reason you should always put numbers, dates and timelines on your goals. How much time will you take? When will you enroll? How much will it cost? That’s what setting practical goals is all about.

2. Set goals that you love and keep you motivated

If you’re trying to set a practical goal because your parents have told you so, it’s not going to happen. Unless you set practical goals that you are passionate about, you will never be able to stick to them and be successful. Even if you have to accomplish something that you don’t like but must do, find some positive element from it and set practical goals so that you are motivated all along.

3. Prepare for contingency

Did you know friends that one of the thumb rules for setting practical goals is to make a Plan B? What if something goes wrong and you can’t move towards your goal? Is that going to be the end of it? No. Multiple scenario planning is the key for successful and practical goal setting.

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