Top 5 Ways To Say Thank You

5 ways to say 'Thank You'

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”~G.B. Stern
Since childhood we all are taught to show our gratitude and the importance of saying ‘thank you’. Saying thank you is essential. It is not just a way of appreciating the other person and making her/him feel happy and rewarded but it also helps in self expansion. These two simple words can help in making new sweet bonds. Whether you wish to say “Thank You” to your friend, room mate, boss, colleague, neighbor or a junior, there is no specific way to express your gratitude. But here we have listed five best ways to say “Thank You”.

1. Say it with a smile

No ideal way can replace this way of expressing your gratitude towards others than with a smile. Smile increases the value of everything it is attached with. It is the sweetest way to express the most subtle and the most sincere feelings of yours. This is the best way to say thank you to anyone, even a stranger.

2. Write a small “Thank You” note

Another easy but effective way to say thank you to your colleague, husband, boyfriend, brother, sister, father, boss or someone close is to write a sweet little thanking note and to keep as a surprise either in his/her drawer, or things that they frequently use like computer, cupboard, etc. This will spark up that sudden adorable smile on their face.

3. Say it with flowers

Another sweet but surprising way is to say “Thank You” with flowers. In case of a family member like husband brother, mother, father, keep their favorite flowers somewhere like on their study table. Flowers will convey your “Thank You” message through their fragrance and beauty. You can also send flowers to those who stay far away from you.

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