5 Ways to Remain Calm During a Conflict in Your Relationship

5 Ways to Remain Calm During a Conflict in Your Relationship

When two people communicate it is not necessary that they agree on every bit of the conversation. Couples are in constant communication and in this communication, conflicts are bound to arise. These conflicts need not be resolved with anger, frustration or by throwing derogatory abuses at each other. They can be resolved in peace if you can keep your calm. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Identify with your anger; don’t lose your temper

Anger is a rush of several emotions and each one’s anger is accompanied with different emotions. You are your best judge. When you have a surge of anger, learn to identify it and overcome it without making a big deal of it.

2. Breathe hard and let the anger recede

If you have heard something very disturbing during an argument, take a pause before you react. Learn to breathe hard and deep. The rush of air will calm your nerves and the anger will recede. Words that come out in anger can never be taken back. So let the anger recede, so you may avoid the awkwardness that creeps in after a bitter argument.

3. Recognize your partner’s mood and avoid conflict

Many couples fight over small things. This constant bickering can cause a crack in the relationship. If you are a volatile couple, give your partner time out to cope with anger. You cannot solve any problem in anger. Sometimes you may need to take time out too. Let your partner know that you need time without hurting his emotions.

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