5 Ways to Love Yourself Through Every Season

5 Ways to Love Yourself Through Every Season

You may be the CEO of some company, a super model or a person to have earned the title of “The sexiest woman alive”; but we all have those days when we start doubting ourselves. Once in a while each and every person you see around you goes through that phase where he or she feels that they are not good enough. You may find yourself being constantly criticized for being who you are, your expectations from life or your efforts to make others happy simply going down the drain. But the one thing that always helps in times like these is loving oneself. Loving yourself can keep you going in all those not-so-sunny days of your life and you will find yourself coming out victorious. Here are a few ways to love yourself through every season.

1. Like what you see in the mirror

At times most of us look into the mirror and hate what we see. There are so many features in our face and body that we wish were different and better. Well you need to give yourself a break. Nobody is perfect, and this is a sentence that has been done to death, but it also is so very true. Concentrate on what you like in yourself. If you hate that tummy then go register yourself in a gym right away. Applying a little light makeup and putting on a bright dress even when you’re at home at times can make you feel so much better.

2. Concentrate more on yourself rather than on others

Half our lives go in comparing ourselves and envying others. Constantly comparing yourself to someone will only bring in a lot of negativity into your life. If we were all to have the same qualities then wouldn’t we just be clones of each other? Celebrate your uniqueness!

3. Be your own friend

Friends are supposed to be with you through thick and thin. But no one can help you if you don’t help yourself. Firstly, try to be your own friend. Make use of this isolation to understand yourself better… and who knows? May be it will help to lift that veil you’ve had all this while over your sense of judgment. You may discover that your friends were actually trying to make you walk the right path.

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