5 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Better

5 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Better

So you are in a relationship. Your guy is sweet, charming and sexy and it is all hunky dory. Since it is the initial stages, you guys are still getting to know one another. With time, you will know him better right? But you want to get there and get there fast! For girls in a hurry, read on to see how you can get to know your boyfriend better.

1. Browse through his Facebook profile

This might sound banal, but Facebook is actually a great source of information about a person’s likes, dislikes and general outlook in life. While you must be cautious or you may turn into a stalker, you can really understand him better if you spend some time on his profile. There is a fine line between healthy curiosity and obsession though. Checking out the pictures he shares or the places he hangs out with or the kind of friends he keeps is alright, however tracking down every shred of conversation with his female friends, or going all the way to the starting date of his profile to snoop on his every activity since immemorial is definitely going a little overboard. The idea behind seeing his profile is to gauge whether you guys share similar interests, or what are the things he feels most passionately about and what does he like to do to unwind etc. This will help you get closer to the guy in question much faster than you ever thought possible.

2. Get to know his friends

One of the things a good girlfriend must do is make an effort to get to know his friends better. The thing that a smart girlfriend must do is get an insight into her boyfriend through interactions with his friends. This does not mean drawing up a questionnaire and getting them to fill it up and send it to you by post or email. This means genuinely taking an interest in stuff they tell you, their shared activities, funny moments, fights etc. Some of this process also takes place subconsciously, wherein whether you are trying or not, you slowly begin to see the various facets of your boyfriend’s personality and see how people other than you perceive him. It’s a very valuable education!

3. Converse with your boyfriend

Invest in conversations with your boyfriend. Ditch the movie, go on a walk instead. Long walks are a great way to unwind and open up interesting new vistas of conversations. He may talk about random things and then connect it with his own experiences helping you see what kind of a person he is and what his usual thought process is. And it is not all about receiving here; you should also be willing to discuss your innermost feelings and aspirations. This will not only help you get to know him better, but also strengthen and cement the bond you two share.

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