5 Ways to Keep Stress Out of Your Marriage

5 Ways to Keep Stress Out of Your Marriage

Marriage like any other relationship in our lives can make us happy and is also capable of thoroughly stressing us out. Unlike relationships with other family members, colleagues, friends or boyfriends who are not living with you, marriage makes sure that you share the same space with your husband day in and day out. When two people share the same space, conflicts are bound to arise. This creates stress. If this wasn’t enough people also bring into the marriage stress from the outside. There is however hope, as there are ways to keep stress out of your marriage. The first step is to stop bringing issues from outside of home into the relationship.

1. Make a clear demarcation between personal and work life

A lot of stress in a marriage can be attributed to the fact that a lot of people cannot make the clear demarcation between work and personal life. There is a tendency to bring work related pressures and stress into the house and this causes a lot of stress between a couple. Try to leave behind work before you enter home as it is clearly not your office and your family members have no role to play in whatever happens at work.

2. Divide the chores

A lot of stress can build up if do not divide your chores. If you are staying at home, then you can end up doing a lot of things that leaves you with no time to relax. It gets compounded if you have kids at home as you will have to drive them home, pick up after them and do a million other things. Talk to your spouse and make it clear that you cannot be saddles with everything just because you opted to stay at home.

3. Talk it out

A lot of stress can build up within you if you do not get enough avenues or the time to vent it out. When you realize that you have been keeping things to yourself for a long time, you need to analyse the situation and talk it out with your spouse. You will get a solution to your problem as well as reduced stress levels.

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