5 Ways To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

5 Ways To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

“I am so displeased with myself. I have completely lost the motivation to lose weight because I can’t see any solid results”, complained Maya, 41. “Don’t worry dear, my journey of losing 10 pounds too, has been extremely difficult. Why don’t you borrow some of my tips to stay motivated to lose weight?” offered Sasha, 45.

1. Pin up pictures

“Remember those days when you used to fit into a slim sized pair of denims? To constantly remind yourself of the lovely shape that you can get back into, pin up pictures of your yester years when you were slimmer”, advised Sasha. “That’s a fab tip to stay motivated to lose weight”, replied Maya.

2. Wear tight clothes

“You must be wondering what this has got to do with my tip on staying motivated to lose weight, right?” asked Sasha. “When you wear tight denims and struggle to button up, you are constantly reminded of the fact that you need to lose weight. This will motivate you to lose weight more and more”, she added.

3. Read beauty magazines for positive motivation

“I don’t mean that you give yourself an inferiority complex, but you must look at those models and take positive motivation to lose weight”, said Sasha. “Not only that, this tip to stay motivated to lose weight will also help me imagine myself in those beautiful clothes given in the magazine!”, laughed Maya.

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