5 Ways to Exit a Relationship When You don’t Have a Solid Reason to Continue

5 Ways to Exit a Relationship When You don't Have a Solid Reason to Continue

The whole process of dumping is no fun either for the dumper or the one being dumped. We are human after all and being women, we are complicated. Sometimes it’s the big picture that matters and at other times it’s the small things which may not look big to anyone else but are making your life miserable. If you are stuck in a ‘blah’ relationship, one which seems to be going nowhere and having no purpose, then you could exit it in these simple ways.

1. Be firm that you don’t want a relationship anymore and don’t give in

Be firm in your stance for if you waver while telling him that the relation is over, he will catch this weak point and try to emotionally blackmail you. Take this decision when you are absolutely calm and have charted out the pros and cons of being in the relation. He will get angry, beg, plead or even cry but if you give in, then the cycle will continue over and over again. Keep yourself in mind and realize that time will heal everything for everyone.

2. If he persists a lot, then do things he was restricting you from doing which he dislikes

Some men get clingier than ever after their partners walk out on them. If he can’t reach you directly, he may start pestering your mutual friends and giving you messages through them. Such a man should be put to book and you can do so by doing the things he disliked or had restricted you from doing when you both were together. This will make him realize that he doesn’t matter anymore in your life and has no rights over you any longer. He will dislike you and get away from your life.

3. Make sure there are concrete boundaries for your future interactions

If you find his company to be really good as a friend and don’t want that to change, then sorry to inform you girl, it will have to change. You cannot go on being friends with a man you just left romantically. He is bound to keep pestering you for a patch up or will end the so called friendship himself. Start on a clean slate and stop communication with him. Tell him you can’t be friends for now but may be sometime in the future. Let time heal the wounds and after say half a year or a whole year, you could start talking to him and if he is open to being on friendly terms again, then you are set.

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