5 Ways to Escape From a Bad Date

5 Ways to Escape From a Bad Date

When you go on a date with a new person who you really don’t know, there are chances it may or may not work out. For all you know, it might turn out to be a complete disaster; you will even regret it. In such a situation where you can’t tolerate the date anymore, you need to think of ways to escape from it. Here are 5 ways to escape from a bad date.

1. Call for help

When you need to escape a bad date, take help from your friends. Text them or try to call them to come there and make an excuse for you to leave. You can even tell your friend to join you so that you get company.

2. Give a deadline

If you think you want to escape from the date because you can’t handle it anymore then just say that you have a deadline and you need to be home early. You can also pretend that you have got a reminder call to be back early.

3. Give a health related reason

Just make a sudden excuse that you are really feeling sick and you need to leave right away. Just tell that you can’t wait any longer and you really want to go back home. He would obviously understand the reason because it’s related to your health and it is an unavoidable situation.

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