5 Ways to Deal with Depression After Breakup

5 Ways to Deal with Depression After Breakup

A breakup is not something you can recover from easily. But it is also not something that can ruin your life forever. Remember that a heartbreak is in fact only a reaction towards a circumstance caused by external (and some internal) factors. If only you had reacted in a different way, you would have been a happier person today and not someone heading towards depression. So what if your boyfriend dumped you? Does it mean you have to be miserable all your life? Never! Here are 5 simple and effective ways to deal with depression after breakup.

1. Remove him from your life entirely

The first step is to abandon the person responsible for your breakup entirely from your consciousness. You will have to do everything possible to remove him completely from your life. Get rid of all things that remind you of him – including gifts given by him, clothes which remind you of him and so on. When all things that remind you of your sadness are out of sight, depression goes out of your mind.

2. Spend time with friends and family

Spend as much time as you can with your friends and family. Before the person concerned -the one responsible for your heartbreak – came into your life, these were the people who constituted your whole world and remember that they care for you more and love a lot more than the person who you are thinking about. Just contemplate whether it really is worthwhile to think about a person who does not care for you and be sad instead of being with people who love you unconditionally and be happy?

3. Do not blame yourself or your fate

You are not to blame for whatever has occurred in order to result in your breakup. Remember that you are not to blame for whatever transpired and therefore, why should you punish yourself unnecessarily? Even if you were responsible, it was only a mistake, the consequence of which you have already suffered; and now it is time to move on. Therefore, stop blaming yourself or your fate (which is even lamer) and go live your life afresh.

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