5 Ways How Self Esteem Affects Your Relationships

Ways How Self Esteem Affects Your Relationships

Having self respect is extremely important. It helps you to believe in yourself, and generate more confidence and strong energy levels in you. However, having a low or extremely high self esteem on the other hand will adversely affect your relationship and other aspects of your life. Here are some ways in which having low/high self respect affects your relationship.

1. A low self esteem will change the real you

Low self-esteem can leave you stressed out and unhappy. If you have low self esteem, then you will be too anxious to please your partner. You will usually hide your own thoughts and feelings in order to avoid disagreements. This can leave your partner confused, and he may not even understand who you really are. He may lose interest in you, because a low self esteem will turn you into a person he did not fall in love with. So, express your thoughts and feelings to your partner. Feel free to reveal what you really want and who you really are. Be prepared to tolerate the differences and solve things with love.

2. A low self esteem can leave you depressed

If you have a low self esteem, then you constantly tend to feel that your partner doesn’t respect or love you. Hence, you will tolerate hurtful behavior of your partner in order to avoid fights or arguments. This can really leave you depressed. So, start expressing your feelings to your partner in a polite but smart way.

3. High self esteem makes you more interesting

If you have a high self esteem, then you will be more confident. High self esteem will help you ask for what you need, and set limits on what you don’t need. If you have a high self esteem then you do things that make life more interesting. You learn to live life to the fullest.

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