5 Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

5 Unusual Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

The frosty cold December has already set in and the ringing of jingle-bells is just around the corner. It is time to start planning for Christmas, and it’s main attraction – the Christmas tree! For most people, the decoration of their Christmas tree has become a monotonous routine of similar stuffs that they follow every year. How about bringing in a change at your home this year? Well first of all, dress your tree in the usual manner with all the colorful ribbons and ornaments as you like. After that, here are 5 unusual ideas that you may apply to your Christmas tree this year.

1. Hang soft toys

You may get small soft toys of different animals and birds and hang them around your tree. Since the theme is Christmas, you would want to concentrate more on the cuteness. Get small teddy bears, parrots, owls, reindeers, etc.

2. Wrap chocolates

Everyone loves chocolates, so why make them a part of your Christmas decoration! You can wrap up small round chocolates in golden and silver foil and hang them all over the tree, and later, you could ask the visiting kids to pluck one for themselves.

3. Clip snaps

Having bits of happy memories from your past will most definitely make your Christmas much more joyous. The best way is to get small prints of photographs of every happy occasion that you have spent with your family and clip them on your tree.

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