5 Trendy Short Hairstyles to Attract The Guys

5 Trendy Short Hairstyles to Attract The Guys

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to be able to manage long hair; and not everyone looks good with long hair too. So obviously, for a lot of people, short hair is the best way to go about. However, what many people feel is that getting short hair is very boring and plain. Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of interesting hair styles that you can try out, if you want to keep short hair. Here are the trendy short hairstyles to impress everyone around you.

1. Bangs

You must have had them as a child, but there is no harm in having them as an adult too. Bangs give your face a younger look, and work especially well on cute, round faces. They can also give an extremely trendy look on thin, long faces, when combined with medium-length Bobs.

2. Bobs

These have been in fashion for quite sometime now, and the regular bob cut has been experimented with a lot. There are small, conventional bobs that add volume to those with thin faces, and medium sized bobs that give a very stylish look on other faces. When getting a bob done, you should try and keep the layers minimal, as the more you get into layering, the more you are moving away from the idea of a bob cut. A-Line bobs are a good style, if you have a good cheekbone and a nicely structured face.

3. Layered cuts

These are similar to the layering done on longer hair. You can start with the layers right from the forehead or the eye level, or from the mid-chin level, depending on the shape of your face and the kind of volume you need. Too many layers on some people make them look rounder and fatter, while they add more volume on other faces, balancing the shape of the face. Hence, you must discuss your style at length with your stylist, when choosing to go in for layers.

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