5 Tourist Attractions In Germany You Can’t Miss

Germany is a beautiful country, offering a perfect mix of traditions, cultural delights and modernized ways of living to its visitors. You will love the various places in Germany for having a unique charm of their own. Each city has a unique way of living, and has something distinct about itself, making it extremely special and worth visiting. Here are some of the best places in Germany that you cannot afford to miss at all



1. Berlin

The biggest city in Germany, Berlin, is also the capital. It offers a lot of architectural delights, for tourists to visit and know about the Germany history. You will get to know a lot about the war period through the stories related to the monuments in the city, and will know what factors led to the division of Germany into East and West.

One of the must-see places is Brandenburg Tor, also called the Brandenburg Gate. A beautifully structured and well-carved delight, you will like the whole plaza around it. Close to it, you will find many souvenir shops, and the famous Germany beer-cycle tours, along with horse-driven carriages for leisure.

Close to it is the Memorial of the Murdered Jews, which signifies the sad loss of lives of Jews during the war period. Just under the memorial is the museum, where one can see pictures and read more on the war period. Complete families were dead during the war period with just one or two surviving members, and the museum gives their first-hand accounts along with actual letters shared amongst people, pictures, and a lot more.

There is also the Reichstag, from where you can get a panoramic view of the whole city, along with an audio tour guiding you. This is the best way to get to know about all the important places in the city.

Tiegarten is the best place for nature lovers. Go there for a wonderful walk among the meadows, and you will get some wonderful pictures too! Berlin Zoo will fascinate the kids, if you are on a family holiday.

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2. Munich

If you are a beer fan, the city Munich will be synonymous to the Oktoberfest, world’s largest beer festival that attracts millions of tourists every year. You will enjoy great hospitality, along with a lot of fun, in this culturally rich and enthusiastic festival.

A very interesting way to explore Munich is through its HOHO (Hop On; Hop Off) city bus tours. They will take you to interesting places, such as the BMW headquarters. Close to it, you will also see the famous Olympics stadium.

What tourists like about Munich is that it has a very nice old-world charm, and yet has one side of the city completely filled with modern offices and highly advanced style contemporary architecture.

Marienplatz, which is the Marien Square and the New Town Hall of Munich, has a wonderful musical clock that most tourists love to check out. In this chime, striking at 11 am or noon, there are over 30 life-size figures that re-enact the Bavarian history.

Then there is the English Garden, where you can take a nice stroll amongst the trees, or can rent a paddleboat.

If you take the city tour, you will also get the opportunity to visit the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace, from where you can learn a lot about the history part of the city.

In the evenings, you can take Beer Safaris or tours, wherein you get to visit the best beer places in the city.

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3. Cologne

The most popular destination in Germany for shopping, it is loved by youngsters and older people alike. As the name suggests, this city is obviously famous for cologne, and you must definitely get a bottle back for yourself.

The Chocolate Museum is one of the must-see places here. You will get a complimentary chocolate on purchase of your ticket, and will see the chocolate-making process live inside the museum. You will see how chocolate is manufactured, maintained and matched up to the standards of excellence, before it finally reaches the customers in a packaged form.

There is also the Cathedral, which is right outside the local station, making it one of the most accessible places to visit. You will love admiring the glass-painted ceilings and windows in there.

For shopping, there are numerous streets in Cologne, having innumerable stores selling almost everything under the sky! You will find popular global brands, as well as a lot of local shops to suit all kinds of shopping budgets.

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4. Frankfurt

Popular for the casinos that the city has, especially close to the Central or Main station, you must definitely go to one of these to try your luck.

Frankfurt is the commercial and business hub for Germany, and this shows in the kind of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers the city has. The Main Tower, which is the only high-rise open to public, is the best way to see the city from the top.

Goethe House, residence of one of the most important German writers, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, has all the original furniture, paintings, books on the family etc. Although it was destroyed during the Second World War, the place was fully restored later.

Museum Embankment is the area along the river Main, and has some very interesting and important museums on almost all subjects. One of the most visited museums is the German Film Museum. On Saturdays, one can enjoy the charm of a large flea market in the same area.

Museum of Natural History is one of the biggest in Europe, and has plenty of delights in store for history lovers. Do check out the exhibition of Dinosaur skeletons over there, for which it is quite famous.

Other important places to visit are St. Paul’s Church, and Roman Mountain.

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5. Heidelberg

One of the most serene, calm and romantic places in Germany to be in, this is the perfect destination for those who want a slight break from the city life. It has a very nice old world charm, along with a beautiful castle to give a good experience to its visitors. Since this is one of the few places that didn’t get destroyed during the World War, you will find a very nice vintage, classic Germany feel to this place.

It also houses one of the oldest universities in the country, and a beautiful lake to make your holiday picture perfect. Shopping here is quite interesting, with women loving the kind of bargains, deals and discounts that they will get on almost everything.

For food lover’s, Mandy’s Diner is one of the best places to enjoy an authentic New York style meal inside a train-like hotel. There are also other cuisines and food options in the main food court.

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  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Heidelberg

Extended trips to Bonn, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Dresden and Leipzig are highly recommended for those who want to further explore the country, in all its true charm. In Frankfurt, one can also enjoy the International Book Fair every year in October, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

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