5 Tips to Talk to a Guy You Like

5 Tips to Talk to a Guy You Like

Beginning a conversation with the guy you like is the only way you can initiate your relationship. It can be quite awkward to be the first one to strike a conversation. Your head will obviously be swimming with a lot of thoughts – what if he does not entertain me, what if he laughs at me, what if he rejects me. It is natural to fear the unknown, especially when you desire it and are scared you would not succeed. There should be a start somewhere, no matter how awkward the situation is. So gather yourself around and win the guy you are attracted to. We share a few tips that will help you get what you want.

1. Find out more about the guy before you approach him

You may have liked the guy the moment you saw him, but gather a little information before you approach him. First of all, you want to make sure that the guy is worth your effort. Secondly, you will have more to talk about topics of his interest and catch his attention with a bit of preparation.

2. Approach him with a friendly smile

A smile is the best way to greet a stranger. It brings warmth to the environment and makes things look simpler. Wait till you catch his gaze and then give him a friendly smile. He cannot ignore this smile. Your smile will sober him down and you can approach him with ease.

3. Talk to him openly, without being shy

Now that you have caught his attention, start the conversation immediately. Do not be shy to ask him a few general questions or to be the first one to introduce yourself. Men like bold and confident women. So let the confidence sparkle in your eye and reflect in your conversation.

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