5 Tips to Tackle Guys With Bad Breath

Tips to Tackle Guys With Bad Breath

There is a slight chillness in the air, the sun is about to set, the autumn leaves are scattered around the bench, where you and your guy are sitting close, holding hands and admiring the serenity around you; and when he leans in, all you want to do is run away for his breath stinks!! Isn’t that how good love stories are ruined? Here are ways you can tackle guys with bad breath.

1. Casually slip it in

How about every time you are together, you casually offer him mint, or spearmint, or peppermint or a chewing gum? Eventually, he should get the hint. And even if he doesn’t, it is a tiny investment to ensure a minty fresh breath!

2. Comment on others

Try this one – mention in one of your conversations how it is the biggest turn off when a guy suffers from bad breath. This will make him super conscious about his breath, and hopefully he will check it twice every time before meeting you.

3. Take him to the dentist

Just because you cannot break his heart or hurt his self esteem does not mean your dentist cannot either. Set your boyfriend up by faking your own need to go to a dentist, and let your dentist give him a “free checkup” where he tells him that he has a terrible bad breath issue and he better do something about it.

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