5 Tips to Survive Tough Times in Your Relationship

5 Tips to Survive Tough Times in Your Relationship

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This is a motto that one needs to adopt while trying to survive tough times in your relationship. A relationship can flounder or lose steam for various reasons. It can be boredom, loss of having common goals, an affair or just the mundane existence of living side by side with no romance anymore. Whatever the reasons, it is always possible to get out of the tough times in your relationship if you try hard. It needs a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work to get back the sparks flying and getting back the relationship on track. Here are a few tips you can try to survive the tough times.

1. Hope it will ride out on its own

If ennui had set in your relationship or if your partner is going through a mid-life crisis, then it helps when you sit back, have a lot of patience and hope that whatever is happening will die out in due course. It is not as easy as it sounds; it needs a lot of patience on your part. You also need to make your partner realize that you are giving them the space to deal with their issues but are around to support them when necessary.

2. Visit a counselor

There is nothing to be ashamed in visiting a counselor. The counselor isn’t going to order you what to so. He or she would just act as a facilitator to get you two to talk and open up. The counselor also brings in a different or fresh perspective to your problems as he or she is outside of the relationship and not emotionally involved.

3. Take time to talk it out

Nothing heals a broken heart or a floundering relationship like talking. Take time to talk about why you think it is not working. If you want to you can each write down the stuff that is creating problems in the relationship. Do not hold anything back, this talk time should be no holds barred. Also you need to be calm and not let emotions get the better of you. Remember you are there to talk it out, not have a shouting match.

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