5 Tips to Solve Ego Problems in a Relationship

 5 Tips to Solve Ego Problems in a Relationship

If you say that is just how me and my boyfriend fight every time you listen to “Love the way you lie” by Rihanna, then you know that you guys have ego issues. The sad part is, even a passionate relationship will crumble if these issues continue for a long time, for ego issues are like rust for the iron that your relationship is. Here are a few tips on how to solve ego issues in a relationship.

1. Listen

The most important element that helps to save a relationship is giving due time for listening to your partner. Understand what he is saying directly, and with gestures. If all you want to do is to keep your ego above everything else, your relationship will be doomed. Even if you do not agree with whatever he is saying, just listen. He deserves this respect.

2. Talk

If you do not communicate what you are feeling and how things are bothering you, even if they are absolutely ridiculous and because your ego does not allow you to say certain things, your relationship will be filled with fights for eternity. Make the first move, apologize, express your love! This will encourage him to do the same.

3. Do not judge

You are not perfect, nor is he. Just accept things, and then see how you can deal with them. If he is arrogant, accept it, talk about it and see how you will go about it. Think about it, if you were obsessively compulsive about cleanliness and he judged you for it, how would you feel? Let go of your judgment and ego will leave you.

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