5 Tips to Maintain Your Hair During Workout

5 Tips to Maintain Your Hair During Workout

Most of us hit the gym these days as soon as we are done with our work. Those who have the luxury of a home gym, exercise whenever they want. Yes, we like burning it out. But what about all that sweat trickling from the hair? What about the smell? Ever wondered how you could easily care for your hair while you work out? Here’s how.

1. Use a shampoo or conditioner for a short crop

All hair care must depend on the need, which is related to length and nature of your hair. If you’ve got a short crop, a bob or pixie, it’s easier for you to maintain it during workouts. Wash with a good shampoo or conditioner as soon as you are done. If your hair happens to be on the dry side, you don’t have to wash it everyday. Leave in conditioners are a good option for you. This will keep your hair soft and smelling fresh. Once you are done washing, blow dry or leave it au naturel.

2. Tie up your long hair

But if you have a long mane, managing it would be a bit more elaborate. Those with long hair find it irritating when strands of hair keep getting into their eyes or face while exercising. A tight cornrows or French plait is the answer for you. But if you are blessed with really long hair, try fashioning them in a high pony tail or a neat bun towards the crown. Secure it with a band. Use pins or jell to manage the flyaways.

3. Rub some face powder on your scalp

If you don’t have the time to wash your hair, and neither do you want them to smell funky, face powder is the answer for you. Rub some on your scalp, and you’ll be able to get rid of the bad odor and stickiness.

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