5 Tips to Look Glamorous While Expecting

5 Tips to Look Glamorous While Expecting

Many women fear pregnancy, because they feel that those nine months will take away their glamour from them forever. They fear that they will look really bad with a baby in their belly, and the effects after delivery will not be good either. Well, these are just myths, and nothing else. There are plenty of ways for women to look glamorous, even while they are expecting.

Here are a few of them:

1. Get the skin glowing

Pregnancy will bring you into a phase where your doctor will constantly monitor your diet. There will be restrictions on a lot of food items, to ensure that your baby gets proper nutrition. However, the good thing is that in the process of giving nutrition to your baby, you yourself will also end up having really healthy foods, which you may not consume otherwise. Talk to your doctor in this phase, and explain to him/her that you want foods that add to your health, and at the same time improve your skin condition. Since acne is common during pregnancy, you can consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, herbal teas etc. to clear your skin and get a glowing complexion.

2. Watch the weight!

Again, you must ensure that whatever you consume is adding to your health, and not to your weight. The idea is to make sure that your body can support your child. In the process, don’t end up overeating or consuming a lot of high calorie food, because this additional weight will be very difficult to shed off post delivery of your baby. Consult your dietician for the same.

3. Dress smartly

Yes, pregnancy means that you will have to leave behind some of your favorite fashionable dresses in your wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop looking trendy altogether. There are plenty of options for pregnant women to dress smartly, ranging from dresses to capes, to smart tops that can be worn with various kinds of bottoms. Look at nice, small prints, which don’t make the additional weight very apparent. You can also choose bold, solid colors with statement accessories to look glamorous.

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