5 Tips To Keep Your Blonde Locks Luscious And Sizzling

5 Tips To Keep Your Blonde Locks Luscious And Sizzling

I bet all of you will agree with me if I said that a set of long golden locks will never go out of fashion. Blonde hair can be tough to deal with at times – as good as they look, it is very important to keep your golden locks vibrant and free of damage. Aren’t frizzy and damaged blonde hair a sore to the eyes? Don’t let this happen to your blonde hair – here are 5 top points to note about blonde hair care.

1. The swimming pool – The blonde hair killer.

Experts suggest that chlorine that is present in any pool doesn’t go well with blonde hair. They will affect the shade of your golden locks, especially if you’ve enhanced them with a few highlights. But then again, we can’t stay away from the pool, can we? I believe swimming caps are the way to go. They may be fashion disasters, but hey, your locks get priority. I like to wash my hair immediately after a pool session with fresh water and some gentle and nourishing shampoo. If you have dry hair, use a shampoo which has moisturizer in it to rejuvenate your blonde locks.

2. Protection from the sun

Prolonged exposure to the sun may leave blonde hair dry and frizzy. How nasty does that look? Especially with blonde hair! My stylist at the local salon always recommends shampoos which provide protection from sun. There are many such products out there which contain SPF. Do you have a clear and a strong parting? If you do, she also suggests application of SPF cream where you part your hair. And most important of all, give your locks deep conditioning treatments every week to maintain moisture levels within the hair and scalp.

3. Avoid harsh chemicals on blonde hair

You may not realize this now, but you will thank me for this tip years down the line. Whether you are trying to add highlights, color your hair or subjecting them to any other cosmetic treatment – I suggest that you stay away from harsh chemicals. Although this is a generic rule of thumb, it applies more to women like us who have blonde hair. Why? Because the chemicals may give you the look you want, but will also cause damage. In the longer run, this will weigh down on your hair and may leave your blonde hair pale. It may be the point of no return before you even realize. I suggest that you use as many natural products you can on those golden locks.

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