5 Tips To Help Introverted Children To Get Out Of Their Shell

5 Tips To Help Introverted Children To Get Out Of Their Shell

We understand that it can be a painful sight watching your introverted child hiding in his/her shells and not being able to realize their full potential. Helping introvert children to get out of their shell is a complicated task and can test the wits of most parents. We had a conversation with Kristin, 41 who is a mother to a 14-year old son, and Abbey, 36, a mother to a 13-year old daughter. Both mothers have spent years helping their introvert children to get out of their shells. Here are their tips.

Tip 1: Nurture the talents of your introvert child

“Introvert children are typically talented individuals”, said Abbey whose 13-year old daughter Kylie had been an introvert child until now. “Letting them nurture their talents is the key to helping introvert children. Kylie was getting better at playing the keyboard so I urged her to spend more time on it”, she added. Abbey also noticed that as Kylie got better at playing the keyboard, she gained confidence, and began to lose signs of being an introvert child. Does your introvert child have any talents that you can help nurture?

Tip 2: Get your introvert child to play a sport

When we say sports, we are talking about team sports, be it basketball, football, or baseball. In any team sport, there is bound to be a lot of bonding activity amongst children. “Adam always loved seclusion and used to be an introvert child until we made him join a baseball camp. Team sports can go a long way in helping introvert children because such activities allow children to open up and learn the benefits and joy of socializing with their peers”, said Kristin. We think helping your introvert children by engaging them into sports is a great idea, don’t you?

Tip 3: Make your introvert child perform

Both Abbey and Kristin suggested that making an introvert child perform on stage is a great way to make them more social and confident. “Helping introvert children is all about getting them out of their shell. The day Kylie performed on stage in her school event changed her life because she got a standing ovation from the audience!”, exclaimed Abbey.

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