5 Tips to Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Ego

5 Tips to Deal With Your Boyfriends Ego

Ego works in funny ways because, sometimes it is necessary while other times it can be very damaging. It can play a dirty role, particularly in relationships. If you are facing ego issues in your relationship, here are tips which will help you deal with your boyfriend’s ego problem.

1. Express your hurt and displeasure directly

Your boyfriend may be completely unaware that his ego is hurting you emotionally or causing a problem in your relationship. You must explain to him clearly how his ego issues are creating a rift between you and him. Open up to him and express your deepest emotions to him when you both are alone so that he realizes how much pain his ego is causing you.

2. Understand the male ego

To deal with your boyfriend’s ego, you should first try to understand the male ego. Learn from your interactions with him and find out the factors that affect his ego, whether it is his manly image of himself or the fact that he always wants to be right. All men have different ego drivers so you must understand the things that drive your boyfriend’s ego. Once you identify these triggers, try to stay clear of talking about things that can set them off.

3. Give him a taste of his own medicine

If your boyfriend fails to let go of his ego, try giving him a taste of his own medicine. Bring your ego into the relationship on a temporary basis and make him realize how it feels when your partner always wants to be right and always wants things to be done his way. Show him how you feel when he hurts your feelings because his ego gets in the way of apologizing to you after an argument. These things will hopefully open his eyes to the problem and he will stop bringing his ego in the relationship.

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