5 Tips to Cure Yeast Infection

5 Tips to Cure Yeast Infection

Having a yeast infection can harm you both physically and emotionally. You will not be able to just be yourself as you will be constantly irritated with the problem. We give you some practical solutions that can help you cure the uncomfortable yeast infection.

1. Stay dry

Yeast fungus requires moisture for its growth. If you opt for very thin or synthetic clothes and undergarments then your body will stay warm and moist. This will be a very favorable scenario for yeast development. If you want to prevent or cure yeast infections, then you must opt for cotton clothes that let your body breathe and also help in absorbing moisture. Also, avoid wearing tight-fit jeans or pantyhose since they raise the body temperature and the level of moisture. Stick to loose cotton bottoms.

2. Make hygiene a priority

It is extremely important that you practice some hygienic routines in order to prevent and cure yeast infections. You should change your undergarments regularly and always wear a clean and dry underwear. Also, it will help if you wipe from front to back while using the toilet so as to avoid the spread of yeast. Most women tend to get yeast infection during their periods, so make sure you change tampons and pads every 4-6 hours.

3. Avoid having sex

If you are having a yeast infection, then it is advisable that you keep away from sex for a while. Otherwise, you may end up spreading the infection to your partner and cause discomfort. Also, if you do have sex while having a yeast infection, make sure your partner uses a condom.

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