5 Tips on What to Do When Your Best Friend Hates Your Boyfriend

5 Tips on What to Do When Your Best Friend Hates Your Boyfriend

You love your boyfriend, but your best friend hates him! Seems like a difficult situation, right? Don’t get disheartened; know the reason behind her dislike. Listed below are tips to bridge the gap between your best friend and boyfriend, so read on.

1. Know the real reason

Talk to your best friend to know the real reason behind her hatred. Unless there is no reason, there is no point in disliking your boyfriend. Once you know the real reason, act on the same. The reason could be anything like he being a flirt or an abuser. Tell your friend that you trust your boyfriend and she should not be too concerned regarding this.

2. Plan a meeting

Relationships are all about good wavelength. Plan a meeting for your best friend and your boyfriend. Introduce them in a smart way. Once your friend starts talking to him, she would realize that you are right. The idea is to create a good comfort level between the two. If your best friend was not free with your boyfriend before, then now is the opportunity to create that comfort level. Only by talking to him, she will realize that you have chosen the right person. Who knows, she might also be happy with you being in a relationship with him.

3. Play your role correctly

If you complain about your boyfriend to your best-friend, do you expect a good behavior from her? She is your friend, so obviously she will take your side. If you talk negative about your boyfriend, naturally she will picture him in a bad light. Keep both the things different. Do not share your relationship secrets with your best-friend and vice versa. This will help to create the right balance between your best friend and boyfriend.

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