5 Tips On Preparing A Budget Winter Wardrobe

5 Tips On Preparing A Budget Winter Wardrobe

With temperatures dropping everywhere, you need to be armed with the right clothes, shoes and accessories. Winter is here and some of you might have spent hundreds of dollars on buying the latest cool sweater from H&M or a chic scarf from DKNY. But we’ll provide you easy and resourceful tips to update your wardrobe without spending much of your hard earned money.

1. Learn to mix and match

Well, you don’t want to keep buying new winter clothing for every winter season, do you? So you must learn the classic art of mixing and matching. For that, have some natural hued outfits like coats, denims, sweaters, etc. Grey, black, white and shades of navy blue are the season’s favorite colors. You can never go wrong with these. Such colors then give you the liberty to choose a bright piece to match them with. For instance, a pair of black jeans with a maroon coat would look brilliant. Wear a light blue sweater too on colder days and a red and black checkered muffler. In this way, you can create a variety of outfits without spending much.

2. Add staple items

Every season demands that you ought to have a few staple pieces of clothing that are your go-to clothes. For winter, these are your must have clothes –

– Neutral colored winter coat
– Rain jacket or waterproof trench coat
– 2-3 dark colored jeans
– Brown or black boots
– Few wrist length woolen or thermal tops
– Woolen tights; good with sweater dresses
– Scarves and few pair of gloves

3. Alter the existing ones

Even the most staple items you wear can turn dull and drab after a few years. So a good way to spruce them up is to simply alter them. There are different ways in which you can make an old T-shirt/blouse look funky and cool. Bored of the same color? Simply dye it. Make a cute design on your coat by spray painting or fabric painting. But practice these tasks on a piece of used material before you actually apply them on your clothes, or they will simply get wasted.

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