5 Tips on How to Wear Bright Colored Pants

5 Tips on How to Wear Bright Colored Pants

Do you receive criticism on your dressing style? Then it has to do with your choice of clothes. Many women ignore bright colored trousers or pants, as they feel it will not suit their personality. This is a misconception; bright colors can suit every one, if worn correctly. Listed below are some tips to wear bright colored pants.

1. Wear bright colored pants with dark colors

It is advisable to wear bright colored pants with dark colors. Bright colored pants such as orange and yellow can go well with dark black or blue. While choosing skinny pants, do consider contrasting shades. A bright pink colored pant will go perfectly with blue coat. Do remember these combinations.

2. Wear red colored pants with bright colors

Women often avoid bright red color, but it can be worn with other bright colors. Team up a red colored pant with an orange or pink top. Baby pink colored top goes well with red colored pant. This might suit every body type. Do not hesitate to wear bright pants, be confident in your approach.

3. Wear bright colored pants with floral prints

Bright colored pants also look good with floral tees and shirts. Team up floral print shirts with bright pink jeans or pants. Floral print kaftans also look good with bright colored pants. Colors like yellow or purple would look good.

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