5 Tips on How to Remove Ingrown Hair

5 Tips on How to Remove Ingrown Hair

The problem of ingrown hair seems to be on the rise in women. Lack of moisture on skin and build up of dead skin causes ingrown hair. Women with oily skin mostly suffer from the problem of ingrown hair. But, there are ways to remove ingrown hair. Here are some tips on removing ingrown hair.

1. Use a good exfoliate

It is important to remove dead skin cells from the skin to remove ingrown hair. Use good exfoliate for this. Apply natural exfoliating scrub on the affected area and gently scrub it with the help of foam. This removes the dead skin cells and reduces the occurrence of ingrown hair. Regular exfoliation helps to remove ingrown hair on face.

2. Use hot compress

Ingrown hair mostly grows back in the hair follicle. So, it gets difficult to locate the hair on the skin surface. Use hot compress to soften the hair. Place a hot compress for five minutes on the skin, this helps to soften the hair and brings the hair on the surface of the skin. Use a good plucker or tweezer to remove the hair.

3. Use medication

With sensitive skin, there might be inflammation around the area of ingrown hair. Use a medicated spray for this. By using a medicated spray, you can reduce the inflammation around the area of ingrown hair.

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