5 Tips On How to Parent a Teenager

5 Tips On How to Parent a Teenager

The teenage phase is perhaps the most difficult phase for parents. Crying and teething toddlers are still manageable but teenagers with an air of indifference and a rebellious attitude can be beyond frustration. Often, parents end up yelling and even raising hands on their teenage children, which can worsen the situation and instill averseness towards parents. To avoid that, read the tips on how to parent a teenager.

1. Its time to become friends

Your children are now at a stage where they would not like to be lectured; you have to sit down and discuss issues with them. Perhaps, a parent has to shed off that completely controlling avatar and start seeing things through the eyes of their teenage children. It will be difficult at first and your children would be baffled if you become a backslapping and ‘hi-fiveing’ parent all of a sudden. Try to see things from their perspective, keep yourself in their position and figure out how you would have reacted.

2. Set new rules

The 9 pm curfew was fine till they were young, but now they are growing up and you must change those rules. If you have to lay down rules in the first place, make sure it is something that they are necessary as well as non-hindering.

3. Keep an eye

Adolescent is the time when kids get introduced to alcohol, cigarette and drugs. Keep an eye on your kids and notice small changes in their habits. It is easier and much better to nip such habits in the bud. Although, do not eye every small change with suspicion, this will only irritate them further and would result in lot more of door banging and yelling.

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