5 Tips on How to Deal With a Control Freak

5 Tips on How to Deal With a Control Freak

A control freak always dictates his/her own terms, wants everything to be done according to his/her whims. You need to figure out the signs of a control freak and devise ways to deal with such a person. You need to behave in a tactful manner so as to secure your relationship and not offend the person at the same time. Here are 5 tips on how to deal with a control freak.

1. Do not argue with them

A control freak would do anything and will continue to argue to prove his/her point and to convince you that things need to be done in a certain way. If you retaliate and argue, chances are there wouldn’t be an end to the conversation. The control freak would become all the more agitated and stubborn.

2. State your limits to the control freak

If a person you know always gives you instructions about what needs to be done and how it needs to be done, then there needs to be a certain limit to it. You need to clearly tell that there is a limit to everything and stand for yourself. Tell them that you appreciate and respect their opinion but you would want to take your own decisions.

3. Don’t try to control a control freak

If you try to deal with a control freak by trying to control that person in return, then it will not solve the problem in anyway. You should just be confident and notify your decisions instead of enforcing your decision on that person.

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