5 Tips on How to Avoid Talking About Yourself

5 Tips on How to Avoid Talking About Yourself

Most of us have an inflated ego. We think and do things that please us the most. There is hardly a fleeting thought that we give to others. In addition, if you also have the narcissistic habit of talking excessively about yourself, it is time to stop and think about it. It’s better late than never. Learn some quick measures to avoid talking about yourself.

1. Practice the Art of Listening

Many of us commit a mistake in this area. We tend to make our voices heard instead of lending a patient ear to other individuals. Opinions and ideas of others are equally as important as yours and it is a beautiful trait to listen. The art of listening must be developed even if it does not come naturally. Nurture and groom your listening skills to become an active listener.

2. Resist the Temptation

People who love to brag or talk about themselves are usually those who cannot resist the temptation of shifting the focus of any conversation towards them. Indulge in deliberate acts of keeping the conversation the way it has been intended to and not diverting it to include you. A good way to handle this is by wanting to know more about the individual(s) you are talking to.

3. Offer Credit

You will realize that in conversations, where you are the focus point, you tend to give more credit to yourself than you deserve. It is a natural human tendency to exaggerate and inflate positives of the self. Willfully shift such focus to others. Learn to offer compliments and do it genuinely to earn respect from your peers and the society in general. Your position will rise without you needing to do anything about it.

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