5 Tips to Cope With A Person Who Disrespects You

5 Tips on Coping Up With A Person Who Disrespects You

We’re living in an age when values take a backseat, especially that of displaying respect to others. Let’s begin with cordiality, for in an office situation or in a supermarket, we often run into strangers whom we don’t have to necessarily show respect, but the least we can do is behave in a civilised manner and be helpful towards the elderly. But, we do come across disrespectful behavior now and then. Here are tips to cope with someone who disrespects you.

1. Stand up to the person even if he is your man

It can be difficult standing up to someone who is disrespectful, especially if he happens to the special man in your life. Ask him to remain within the bounds of civility. Stay focused on his behavior and tell him the next time he yells or tries to intimidate you, your relationship will be over. If he repeats this behavior, break away from him.

2. Take the higher road

Try to be calm, maintain your poise and speak gently. This will work in your favor if the person disrespecting you is a woman. Ask her why she is so upset. If she openly launches a tirade against you, inform her that just as you have shown due respect to her, she should behave in the same way with you. If she is a colleague or a neighbor, who is consistently rude to you despite your efforts to be kind to her, then simply stay out of her way. Sometimes the higher road is the best option.

3. Be firm

One of the most important things to keep in mind when someone is being disrespectful to you is to stay firm. If you are sure that you are not in the wrong and want the person in question to either back down or back off, stick to this decision. With kids, you would need to employ the need to understand the situation as well. While you can show them that such disrespectful behavior is not acceptable, you must also seek to find the cause of such behavior. Crying, whining, aggression or even threats by a child need to be tackled carefully.

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