5 Tips For Teaching Respect To Kids

5 Tips For Teaching Respect To Kids

Inculcating the feeling of respect for others is an important part of a child’s upbringing process. There are many aspects of bringing up a child and one of them is teaching them how to respect others. Just like social etiquette and table manners, this particular habit of showing respect to elders and peers alike is important for a child. Let’s see how you can teach your child a few tips on respecting others.

1. Behave properly in front of the child

The first thing to remember before teaching respect to children is that children grasp what they see and hear. It may not necessarily be directed towards them but even when adults are in conversation with others and they just happen to be present, children take in what they hear as well as how the two people in the conversation behave. Children are imitative. For instance, their grandparents are being looked down upon and disrespected every now and then they will learn the same in a very short time. So, take care about the behavior displayed in front of kids.

2. Give the child respect and encouragement

Respect can be received, only when respect is shown. While teaching children how to respect others, you must give them due respect for their urge to learn. Encourage them to learn too. This will lead the child to believe in himself/herself. Self esteem is very important for all and it is a proven fact that sometimes people tend to disrespect others just to hide their lack of confidence or self esteem. Therefore, you should be careful about the way you behave with your child.

3. Parents should not talk negatively about each other in front of the child

While teaching your child to respect others, you should keep in mind that the other parent must never be referred to with disrespect. If the child sees that the mother is talking about the father negatively or in a derogatory manner, the child will automatically think that he/she can get away with doing the same as his/her mother is doing it.

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