5 Tips for Making Your Lips Look Plumper

5 Tips for Making Your Lips Look Plumper

Plump lips are a desirable look for many. They are a great asset if you are a model and have to get a portfolio made for you. It gives a good look if you are in the glam world. Not only that, if you are to attend a classy party or a ball, then plump lips add to your beauty. Here are some tips to make your lips look plumper.

1. Give your lips enough water

Dry lips are difficult to manage when it comes to giving a plump look. Drink good amount of water if you want fuller lips regularly. Keep them hydrated. Use a good lip balm or Vaseline to cover them so that the weather outside does not take away the natural moisture from them.

2. Opt for a lip massage

You massage your face, neck and back. Don’t you? Massage your lips too. One way to massage is gently press your teeth first on the lower lip without biting them and then your upper lips. This must be done for about 10 minutes without making teeth marks. Drink water then. Another way is to apply a good lip balm and then rubbing your lips gently with your fingers for about 10 minutes. Always drink water after a lip massage.

3. Try a lip-liner

While you wear your makeup, use a concealer first on the outer side of your lips to hide your lip boundary. Then use a lip-liner according to the color of your lipstick and apply it outside the boundary of your lips. See that the color of your lip-liner is a shade darker than your lipstick. After you have applied the liner, apply your lipstick.

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