5 Things Your Boyfriend Won’t Like To Tell You

5 Things Your Boyfriend Won't Like To Tell You

Have you noticed your man in a silent, contemplative mode anytime? Have you ever thought that there may be some things that he would not like to talk about? Don’t be confused. Read on about a few things that guys would not like to share with you, even when you’re dating.

1. Ex-girlfriends

We’re always getting into murky waters with our men when we ask them about their past, isn’t it? Don’t expect them to be as open about their past as you would be. Guys hate sharing details of what they did with their exes. So stay clear.

2. Family troubles

Did you know, guys are particularly weary about you knowing any of their family troubles when you’re dating them? It’s a different thing that they open up once you’re married. But otherwise, just notice how they run away from such taboo topics the next time you talk to them.

3. Insecurities

Did you think that you were the only one worried about how long your relationship will last? Well, you’re not! Believe it or not, your man is equally worried too. It’s just that he doesn’t yell and shout about it all the time.

4. Pay check

When you’re dating, asking him about the monies he earns is a complete no-no. C’mon ladies, it’s obvious that he wants to put up a great impression before you by being “the man” and paying for your meals and outings. But you’d be overstepping the line if you asked him how much he earns.

5. Sexual intimidations

We always assume that our men hold the reins of confidence during sexual encounters, don’t we? But the truth is, ladies, they’re as scared as us. They might put a strong exterior and never say a word, but they’re scared of not being able to ‘perform’. Funny isn’t it?

We never seem to realize that there are quite a few things that guys wouldn’t like to share with us. Not that they’re hiding something from us, it’s just that they’d like to take their own time before they spill the beans.

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