5 Things You Must Say To Your Children To Encourage Them To Share

5 Things You Must Say To Your Children To Encourage Them To Share

Sharing is a lovely word, but as we all know, it’s a pain in the neck for children. Let’s face it, children don’t always like sharing, do they? But it is a fact of life and we think that as a caring parent, you should be teaching your children how to share. Here are 5 easy ways you can show them how. Make use of the following lines.

1. “Jules, if you don’t share, your friends won’t share too.”

You can say this to your child when he/she refuses to share their stuff with their friends. This will make your child think again about his/her views on sharing.

2. “If you don’t share your toys, no one will play with you Mark.”

We love this classic line that you can say to your children if they don’t want to share. No one likes to be alone and your kids won’t like it too. Toddlers are constantly on the lookout for people who will play with them. So, send out a clear message that we will only play with you, if you share your toys.

3. “Jen, see how mommy shares her magazines with her friends?”

Say this to your children to show them how you share too! Nothing is better than leading by example, is there? We even suggest that next time you lend your magazines to your friend, make sure you do it in front of your child so he/she can see that you share too.

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