5 Things to Tell Your Child if You are Getting Divorced

5 Things to Tell Your Child if You are Getting Divorced

One of the main problems that couples face while getting divorced is to amicably reassure the kids and explain to them the intricacies of their relationship status. If you are feeling the stress of handling your children after divorce, read on to know what you should be telling them to keep the parent-child bond intact and not scar them for life.

1. Assure your child that you and your spouse are still united as parents

It is very important for your child, no matter what age, to understand that you are getting divorced from your partner but not from him/her. Be present in front of your child with your spouse and together tell him/her that you will always be united as parents. If your child sees the both of you together, he/she will be better equipped mentally to absorb the shock of you getting a divorce.

2. Explain to your child that one of you may have a different life henceforth

Until your divorce, your child may be used to seeing you consulting your partner to take an important decision or the both jointly planning something. You may have to play the bad cop here and honestly explain to your child that the dynamics of your relationship with your spouse will be different and one of you could also move on with a different partner in the future. Use your discretion in stating this fact to your child.

3. Be open about your child’s financial security and his/her future

Depending on how old your child is, you may want to spill the beans on the reality on your financial situation as it can be linked to your child’s future. If you have your child’s custody, have a frank discussion with him/her about how you are going to survive within the funds you have and how you will need to financially plan your lifestyle and your future to live comfortably.

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