5 Things to Know About the Film Before Midnight

 Things to Know About the Film Before Midnight

‘Before Midnight’ is the third movie in the trilogy, the preceding ones being ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’. The plot of the movie is quite interesting. It revolves around conflicts of relationships in modern times. Listed here are some things to learn from the movie ‘Before Midnight’.

1. Communication is all that is needed

Communication is most important in life. Celine and Jesse have many problems in life. But, the message in the movie is apparent. They communicate in a proper way to avoid all the problems. When they communicate, it is clear and loud. The film has depicted the true meaning of communication. Life may be hard, but with the power of communication, every problem may be put to rest.

2. Love is important

Anna mentions in the movie that, love is important but it is not everything you need. She gets her lesson from her grandma. She mentions that everything in life is related to love. But, that love should only be a part of life and not the need of life. When love becomes the need of life, then there may be problems in relationships.

3. Be practical

The movie teaches you to be practical in life. A guest in the movie explains the idea of a soul mate in life. When you expect things, you get hurt. For instance, if you expect your soul mate to complete you in every sense, and if that does not happen, how will you react? You will be left heartbroken, right? So, the concept of soul mate is all in the mind of people. To lead life the way you want, you need to be practical.

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