5 Things To Know About Proper Etiquette For Invitations

5 Things To Know About Proper Etiquette For Invitations

We believe that making and sending invitations is probably as difficult as organizing an event. That’s why, we had a chat with Nicky, 38, a party planner in the sizzling town of LA. There are etiquettes that need to be followed when you send out invitations, ladies. Read on to find out the proper etiquette for invitations, whether you’re sending them online or via snail mail.

1. Include RSVP cards

“Surely you want people to confirm whether they are going to attend your event or not, right?”, asked Nicky. As we nodded, she went on to explain that including RSVP cards in your invitation packet increases the chances of your guests actually sending in their RSVP in time so that you can be more accurate in your head count. “This etiquette of sending invitations will not only make your life easier but also make the life of your invitee easier by providing them with an easy option to RSVP”, added Nicky.

2. Give your invitees ample of time to RSVP

“A common mistake that many people make while sending out invitations is not giving guests enough time to plan and RSVP to their invitation. We all have our own lives and schedules, don’t we? It will only be unfair of you to ask your invitee to RSVP within a few days or a week. Give them more time to plan”, said Nicky. Are you making this mistake that Nicky pointed out? Follow this etiquette of sending invitations and give your invitees enough space and time to respond.

3. Make a comprehensive invitation

How embarrassing will it be if you miss out on a few important details like the time or location of your event in the invitations that you have sent? Very embarrassing, we assume. And that’s exactly why you should check and double check the content of your invitation. “The last thing you’d want is your invitees to have to call you and confirm an important detail that should have been mentioned on the invitation itself”, exclaimed Nicky.

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