5 Things to Keep in Mind While Dating an Older Man

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Dating an Older Man

Women love the old, silvery fox like men. Older men are successful, mature, and charismatic and they really know what they are doing. You feel safe, secure, like everything is falling into place. But how old is he? Age may not always be a bar, but it does become a barrier when it affects the smooth functioning of a relationship. So if you are dating or about to date an older man, you need to be prepared. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while dating an older man.

1. Your goals in life are very different

You both are at very different stages in life. You are finding your path, juggling jobs and still trying to figure out where you want to go. It’s likely that your work life is unpredictable, but he has earned what he has wanted unless he is renouncing everything to start a restaurant and be adventurous. You cannot expect him to be very flexible.

2. Sex can be a learning experience for you

Older men can be dominating and sometimes have low stamina in bed. You need to understand that there is some work cut out for you. Unless they are really fit and healthy, you cannot expect wild and crazy stuff and also need to be prepared to learn some techniques.

3. You feel that you have to compete with too many people in his life

He probably has had a wife and many girl friends in the past. If he is with you now and it’s getting serious, he has found you after a long wait. You can feel insecure about his past, dig up stories and try to draw comparisons. There can be no end to it! Moreover if he has children, finding acceptance can be very tricky and for all you know his kids are almost as old as you.

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