5 Things That We Love About ‘How I Met Your Mother’

5 Things That We Love About 'How I Met Your Mother'

‘How I Met Your Mother’, the popular sitcom that started in 2005, has managed to become one of the most popular sitcoms in America. Be it the characters played, the little stories enacted or the way they make us laugh, there are so many things that we love about this series. Enlisted below are 5 of the best things that make people love ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

1. The Suspense Factor

There mustn’t have been even one person who must have not felt like tearing their hair in desperation to find out who is the mother in the series. In spite of concealing the suspense for 6 whole seasons, the excitement of finding out who is the mother has not worn out by even a bit. Regular ‘How I Met Your Mother’ followers are enthusiastic as ever and won’t miss a single episode for fear that they may miss out on a clue.

2. The Different Concept

Unlike other sitcoms, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ comes with a completely different concept. The series is characterized by flashbacks, running commentary and quick transitions that shows almost 50 scenes. As a result, the shooting of every episode takes about 3 days where normally it takes only a single day. Also the whole series is showcased as a flashback of Ted, the main character, who is telling the story to his kids. Hence, it becomes easier for the viewers to catch and understand the whole plot, even if they aren’t regular viewers.

3. The Mushy Love

We are talking about none other than Marshall and Lily. Don’t these two look simply adorable together? Even after so many years of staying together, you won’t find the spark missing a bit in their relationship. Aww! After all, it feels so good to see true love in the air, doesn’t it?

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