5 Things that Single Women Hate to Hear

5 Things that Single Women Hate to Hear

Being single does not mean you should be depressed. Being single means you have all the freedom to do whatever you feel like. It is words of people, which make you depressed, right? However, being a single woman, it gets difficult dealing with the situation. What are those things? Read on to know the things that single women hate to hear.

1. Have you tried finding someone?

This is the most annoying thing that a single woman hates to hear. What is the purpose of this question? Anyone would want someone special in his or her life when the time is right. Why others bother on this question, is still a puzzle.

2. Being so dynamic, how are you still single?

Don’t you wish you just ran from the spot when someone asks you this question? Okay, so you know what you are and how good you are. Why are people bothered on the way you look or not? Many single women get frustrated hearing this question, as they feel it hurts their self-respect. Has the same thing happened with you?

3. When someone says, ‘I wish I was single’

Many a times, people meet you and say, how I wish I was single. This is irritating to hear. Nobody stopped you from being single, and it was your wish to get married. This really bothers all the single women out there.

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